I’m excited to be rolling out some brand new tagging capabilities on Pickr.lol.

You can select as many of the tag pills you’d like, and the topics that are listed will be filtered based on the tags you’ve selected.

Pickr Tags
Initial implementation of the Tagging feature

The tags are ordered by the number of topics that the tag currrently has.

Huge shout-out to the wonderful folks over at Ring the Belle who brought so much great traffic to the website by publishing a video on Youtube of Who’s The Greatest Divas Champion of All Time? – !!! 🥳

Pickr being played
Some dreams do come true...

Seeing this video, I was once again gratified for how the runners there saw what Pickr was about, and was not only nice enough to use it directly in their video, but also gave credit back to the website. Furthermore, it was validation to my vision that Pickr would help content creators to create really engaging content, and thus be part of this exciting movement where content creation is more and more democratized. To me, it seems like great news for niche fandoms.

As a result of all the new topics that were being created, something that needed to be prioritized was a way to organize the interesting and varied topics that the organic users were posting on the site.

I won’t go into the technical aspects for now, but I tried to create something that was unique and most fitting to the usage patterns for Pickr.

Hopefully it will help users gain more value from the site as it helps them find content that’s most valuable to their interests.

Right now, tag authoring is limited to site admins only, until the usage patterns are more established.