Learning new things are a great pleasure of mine, but even more than that sometimes is the act of spreading this joy by teaching others. That’s something that really gets me motivated and fulfilled at the end of the day, it’s been the case since in my professional life explaining things to coworkers, the case when I was a TA back in university, or when I was tutoring kids English back in Korea. In our day and age, combining this drive with my interest for video editing, I think producing videos are a good fit as a way to express my creativity, and also produce some interesting worthwhile content.

But what of. Wondering if explaining code or technical concepts online could be my thing, but not too sure where to begin. One idea I had would be to go through MDN docs, record myself going through it, sharing my thoughts and reiterating things. Think that would actually be pretty good for not just the sake of producing a video, but actually learning that stuff really well.